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From preventative care to life-saving treatment, Erie Shores Health Care is at the heart of our community’s health and wellbeing. Through your support, we can continue to make all kinds of amazing things happen here. Make a donation today and help make a difference.

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To provide our community with better close to home care, we need $15 million in donations.

We will purchase high priority medical equipment and infrastructure that is vital for patient care at Erie Shores HealthCare. Now, we are launching our Care Happens Here capital campaign to raise $15 million needed for a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging Department and Health Information System.

We can't do this alone.

Why we need you

How your support will help us

Investing in our local hospital will help speed our ability to take leading programs/services and turn them into groundbreaking treatments and care. Through clinical support, quality patient care, and funding for our campaign, we will transform the way we do medicine, to make a bigger impact on patients, sooner.

Cost Breakdown

Diagnostic Imaging Department - $10 million

We need a department that lifts not limits our ability to care for patients. We will construct a state-of-the-art department to accommodate the best that medicine can offer, matching our world-class expertise with the best clinical spaces for patients, while maintaining a safe work environment for staff. To accomplish this, we will need to purchase all new equipment and renovate three of our diagnostic treatment rooms.

Cost Breakdown

Health Information System - Funded with the support of our community

Seamless healthcare means no cracks to fall through. Our innovation will expand initiatives that build capacity both in our community and across the province, ensuring EVERYONE can receive integrated care they need no matter where they live. This project is about coming together to transform clinical services by equipping the hospital with a modern information system that will drastically alter the way patient care is delivered in our community.