A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR GALA27 COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Andrea Mastronardi, Cindy Ware, Deanna Bavetta, Deborah Bonfiglio, Jessica Wharram, Krissy Thiessen, Nadia Ingratta, Natalie Moracci, and Gala27 Chair: Tanya Mastronardi

From the Southpoint Sun:

LEAMINGTON ON – On September 13th, 2023, Erie Shores HealthCare announced the opening of their Oncology and Outpatient Care Clinic in partnership with the Erie St. Clair Regional Cancer Program. Following the announcement, Erie Shores Health Foundation unveiled the Clinic alongside community partners Transition to Betterness, Arist, Julie Amlin and Speedprint.

“The collectivism and generosity that Transition to Betterness, Julie Amlin and Speedprint have shown has been instrumental in the development of the Clinic. Thanks to our community, our patients can receive essential treatment close to home and count on being comfortable while doing so.” shared Penny Bellhouse, Executive Director of Erie Shores Health Foundation.

In partnership with Erie Shores Health Foundation to create comfort, Transition to Betterness (T2B), generously contributed a total of $100,000 to the Clinic. This funding supported the modeling of the Clinic and awarded the opportunity to extend their beloved Dr. Michelle Prince Comfort Care Tote program to the patients of the Clinic.

“It is an honour to share that the funds contributed to this vital project were raised from our annual Ride to Survive event, thanks to community support. We are also very proud to provide Dr. Michelle Prince Comfort Care Totes to each patient at the outset of their chemotherapy journey, offering comfort throughout treatment. We understand the importance of a supportive community during these challenging times, and our commitment to providing Comfort, Care and Dignity remains unwavering,” shared Amber Hunter, Executive Director of Transition to Betterness. “Our sincere gratitude goes to Erie Shores Health Foundation for standing with us as a partner in Comfort!”

Toronto Based Artist, Julie Amlin, and Leamington’s Speedprint partnered to further contribute to the comfort of the Clinic. Patients and staff of the Clinic can experience Julie’s mural in which she named “Again We Rise” and dedicated her donation to her late mother, Laurie Martin, and sister-in-law, Sally Mastrantonio. Speedprint generously printed and installed the mural.

“Standing from a journey in the foothills, you look up to see a sunrise peeking over the mountains. It announces a new day filled with possibilities. The sun shines on you with warmth and care. There’s a path to tread and it will require strength, but you are not alone and you are deeply loved,” Artist, Julie Amlin, explained of the mural design. “I wish the journey of those sitting in this room is much the same; to find resilience, to feel cared for, and to reach their summit of health once again. I hope that this mural helps to soften that journey.”

“Without the support of our community, these advancements in care close to home simply would not be possible. We are committed to continuing to lift the horizons of our Hospital with our community; for our community,” stated Penny Bellhouse, Executive Director.

Pictured from Left to Right: Tim Wilkinson – Partner, Speedprint Group Ltd., Penny Bellhouse – Executive Director, Erie Shores Health Foundation, Amber Hunter – Executive Director, Transition to Betterness, Julie Amlin – Artist, Kristin Kennedy – President and CEO, Erie Shores HealthCare  






Last week, The Knights of Columbus, St. Michael’s Council generously gifted $5,000 to ESHF, dedicated to bringing MRI to Erie Shores HealthCare!
This gracious group is dedicated to supporting our community members. With our community’s support, we will be able to welcome Erie Shores HealthCares very first MRI home.

From Erie Shores HealthCare:

More exciting news for our hospital with today’s announcement of $7.2 million in additional provincial funding to open 12 additional acute care beds and 2 additional ICU beds. This brings the total number of inpatient beds at the hospital to 72.
MPPs Trevor Jones and Anthony Leadri made the announcement this morning. It’s the latest in a series of exciting advancements at the hospital, which have included the introduction of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, a new Academic Office for Research, and planning for our new MRI.
To read more about today’s funding announcement, read the press release here: https://bit.ly/3LAuqqa

The Leamington Lions Club raised a total of $6000 at their breakfast hosted during Hogs for Hospice weekend! On Tuesday, September 19th, 2023, ESHF’s Executive Director Penny Bellhouse and Leamington Lions Club President, Steve Lashmar, celebrated this donation by way of cheque presentation. This donation will support the ongoing compassionate care provided at The Hospice, Erie Shores Campus. We are very grateful for the Leamington Lions Club’s active dedication to supporting care close to home.

Last week, we celebrated 9 years of the Roger Salter Memorial Golf Tournament! This year, the tournament raised an amazing $12,000. We are beyond grateful for the Salter Family’s dedication and support. This tournament has become a staple to ESHF and The Hospice, Erie Shores Campus in Roger’s memory! Pictured below is Penny Bellhouse, Executive Director of ESHF with Debbie Salter, Roger’s wife.

A very special thank you to cousins Ben and Mikayla for their donation to Hogs For Hospice!! Ben and Mikayla kept our community members hydrated by selling water throughout Hogs for Hospice Weekend in support of The Hospice, Erie Shores Campus! Ben and Mikayla raised an amazing $200!
It is inspirational to see young ones exercising the power of philanthropy!

Last week, we had the pleasure of reflecting on and celebrating the success of the very first Muttley’s Memorial Golf Classic in memory of Greg Sellon with his beautiful family! The Sellon Family is excited to share that the tournament raised $7,500 for The Hospice, Erie Shores Campus!

95 of Greg Sellon’s family members and friends joined the Sellon Family at the tournament held at Talbot Trail Golf Course on July 22nd, 2023.

These funds will help support compassionate care for the residents & their families spending time at The Hospice, Erie Shores Campus.

We extend a special Thank You to the Sellon Family and all of the Muttley’s Memorial Golf Classic supporters for their support & generosity! We are so grateful to be a part of remembering Greg Sellon.

This past Wednesday, Erie Shores Health Foundation, Erie Shores HealthCare, and Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 came together to celebrate Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45’s $10,000 donation dedicated to MRI coming to ESHC!
Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 has supported Erie Shores Health Foundation for over 25 years and is an active supporter across our community. They recognize that coming together is the key to bring MRI technology home to advance care for everyone.
Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 members in photo include (in no specific order): Richard Stevenson, Carole Dibbley, Loren Girardin, Pat Girardin, Nancy Moody, Elaine Stevenson, Richard Stevenson and Evelyne Tofflemire. Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 thanks Chances Gaming Lounge and Bistro for their support of their organizations and many others that derive funds through volunteering services at Chances.
Also joined in the photo is Penny Bellhouse, Executive Director of ESHF, Jeff Lewis, Chair of ESHF’s Board of Directors, Melissa Pontini, X-Ray Technologist, ESHC, Kyle Shafer, Director of Outpatient Services, ESHC, and Dr. Ala, Diagnostic Imaging, ESHC.