Hogs for Hospice Back In The Saddle 2022 Raises An Incredible Total of $1,000,132

October 20, 2022

$1,000,132 blessings! Hogs for Hospice made their grand total announcement at their annual Volunteer Appreciation Night on October 12th, 2022. The Hogs for Hospice Committee revealed the total on the Roma Club stage in front of their hundreds of volunteers. This reveal was a true reflection of the community Hogs for Hospice brings together and the gratitude for the volunteers who make the event possible year after year.

For the Hospice, Erie Shores Campus, over a million dollars means continued compassionate and free of cost care and support programs for patients and their families. Our gratitude for Hogs for Hospice is impossible to put into words.

From a breathtaking event weekend to a breathtaking grand total, Hogs for Hospice Back In The Saddle was a true success. The support Hogs for Hospice receives year after year is beautiful for our community.

Thank you x1,000,132 to everyone involved in Hogs for Hospice 2022.

The grand total reveal at Hogs for Hospice Volunteer Appreciation Night by Hogs for Hospice Committee: Donny Pacheco, Tim Iles, Dave Hodare, Benji Mastronardi, Joe Oswald, Kevin Saffrance and Brian Cornies (from left to right).