Temporary Mobile MRI Unit Gets Delivered to Erie Shores HealthCare

May 27, 2024

On April 30th, Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC) welcomed the arrival of our new mobile MRI unit. On May 23rd, ESHC recently announced that we have begun patient-testing. The unit will bring advanced diagnostic abilities to our hospital and alleviate regional MRI wait times ahead of the completion of our permanent MRI Suite.

The Ministry of Health will cover operation costs of the MRI, and it is up to us (Erie Shores Health Foundation) through the generosity of our community to purchase the psychical machine and make the facility upgrades required to house it.

With the generous donations from Sun-Brite and Unico, and other individuals and organizations within our community, we are excited to share that the psychical MRI machine has been completely funded. We are very grateful for the community’s synergic response to this life-changing project thus far.

The remainder of the MRI Project funding is needed to complete our permanent MRI Suite as it requires highly-level, specialized renovations so that we can safely and effectively operate the machine.

The MRI Suite will allow us to engage advanced technology in our MRI scans, facilitate the movement of inpatients for the ease of our patients and staff, ensure optimal patient comfort, and secure MRI permanently within our Hospital.

Though we are not there yet, we are one step closer. We need the support of our community to bring the project in its entirety to life. Each and every donation toward this project is a significant contribution to advancing patient care and has a profound impact on our community as a whole.

To donate today, please click our “Give Now” button or click HERE to be directed to our donation page.