Hogs for Hospice receives award for outstanding fundraising

November 16, 2021

This area knows all too well just what the Hogs for Hospice Committee does for Hospice Erie Shores Campus and the community in general. Recognized instantly by local residents, the group of seven motorcycle enthusiasts turned-fundraising-gurus has now been recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals(AFP), Canada South

The Hogs committee was recently named Outstanding Fundraising Champion for Windsor and Essex County, celebrating National Philanthropy Day. The award will be presented Thursday, November 18.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of our Chapter, I am thrilled to congratulate the Hogs for Hospice group based in Leamington, on winning the Outstanding Fundraising Champion Award. To celebrate the 20th annual National Philanthropy Day event, the NPD Awards Committee chose to highlight those people who continue to enhance their communities through philanthropic efforts, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hogs for Hospice certainly demonstrates how a bit of grit and determination amidst the most challenging and uncertain of times, can still benefit a great cause like the Hospice Erie Shores Campus,” said Rukshini Ponniah-Goulin, AFP Canada South Board President. “We’d like to thank everyone who submitted a nomination and congratulations to all our Nominees who continue to great things in our community no matter what!”

The Association of Fundraising Professionals’ annual award program recognizes outstanding philanthropic achievement by individuals, foundations, corporations, philanthropists and fundraising volunteers. In professional fundraising, such individuals and organizations form a vital partnership with charities and the non-profit sector to ensure that the needs of all citizens in their beloved community are met.

Over the past six years, the Hogs for Hospice group has raised $1.4 million for the local Hospice Erie Shores Campus
through the annual Bike Rally and numerous fundraising efforts, including the very popular 50-50 draws that are now being held twice a year. The group consists of local businessmen who felt they could make a difference — and they
have. Joe Oswald, Donny Pacheco, Benji Mastronardi, Brian Cornies, Tim Iles, Dave Hodare and Kevin Safrance are the current members of the committee.

Oswald says they are grateful for the award, but aren’t doing it for personal recognition. “We are humbled,” he said.
“We started out trying to get money for the local hospice and it’s turned into quite an event.” Oswald said that originally, the question was, “how do we raise money for hospice that will inject money into the community as opposed to asking the community for money?”

He said they took a business approach to the whole idea, which helped the organization make it through the pandemic. “We are so grateful for all of the incredible partnerships we’ve made along the way, including
many of our local service organizations and churches. All of their efforts have contributed to making
the event successful year after year.”