Joey and Luca Jraige Present A Very Special Cheque

August 25, 2022

Not only does the success of the 6th Annual Spotted In Windsor Water Balloon Toss mean so much to our Erie Shores Health Foundation and Erie Shores HealthCare, but also to Joey and Luca Jraige, who were able to give back to a team that they hold so close to their hearts. Joey Jraige, and teams came together to give back to Erie Shores HealthCare, after saving the life of Joey’s son, Luca. See the full story in the article below.

On August 25th, Joey and Luca presented Erie Shores Health Foundation with $10,500.00 from the event.

The event brought extreme fun through hourly water balloon tosses, bouncy castles, characters for kids, food trucks and more! On behalf of ESHF, thank you to Joey, Luca and the Spotted In Windsor Water Balloon Toss team, and congratulations on a very special and very successful event!