Leamington Lions Club Partners with ESHF for #BetterBeds Campaign

October 27, 2022

The Leamington Lions Club generously announced a partnership with Erie Shores Health Foundation in which they will match up to $8000 in donations for ESHF’s #BetterBeds Campaign! This partnership explains the Leamington Lions Club’s dedication to being an active, supportive and inspirational presence in our local community.

The Leamington Lions Club has supported Erie Shores Health Foundation since it was started in 1972. On October 24th, Leamington Lions Club not only announced their $8000 partnership for #BetterBeds, but also gave Erie Shores Health Foundation $3000 for the Hospice, Erie Shores Campus.

The #BetterBeds Campaign

#BetterBeds is an online campaign dedicated to helping us fund the purchase of:

– Four inpatient beds
– One surgical bed, and
– One infant bed warmer
for our Erie Shores HealthCare. As patient demand increases, the need to purchase new beds has become a top priority. Quality beds are essential for the treatment and comfort of our patients. Beds are like a hug for your body. Leamington Lions Club and Erie Shores Health Foundation are dedicated to providing hugs to patients at Erie Shores HealthCare.