Leamington Teen Shovels to Support Hospital

January 25, 2022

Local teenager Eric Dominguez has come up with a way to help his community and also help the Erie Shores Health Foundation. Last year Eric went throughout his neighbourhood shoveling snow for anyone who needed it. Although he didn’t charge, most neighbours gave him a tip for helping them out.

This year, armed with his shovel and a will to help the local hospital, the 19-year-old decided to forward any donations to ESHF. He’s taken the moniker of ‘Leamington’s Little Helper’ and will shovel driveways and sidewalks for donations which will support Erie Shores Healthcare.

Eric explained that it’s in his nature to be helpful within his community. “I have a dream to help as many people as I can in Leamington,” he says, “I am 100% focused on shoveling right now but have a long term goal to bring smiles to our community”

Eric can be reached by calling or texting 519-322-8746 or email at eric33d02@gmail.com to schedule your shoveling needs.