Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance Commits $50,000 Toward Bringing MRI Home

July 25, 2023

The Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance has recently committed to a 5-year pledge of $10,000 annually dedicated to bringing MRI to Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC).

Erie Shores HealthCare announced provincial funding for operations of an MRI in November of 2023. Following the announcement, Erie Shores Health Foundation (ESHF) and Erie Shores HealthCare have been actively planning to bring MRI home. Community contributions will be critical to purchasing the MRI machine and making the facility upgrades required to house the machine.

“We are grateful that our community is recognizing and responding to the need of having MRI within the boarders of Essex County,” said Jeff Lewis, Chair of the ESHF Board of Directors. “It is exciting to align missions with Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance to bring this life-changing technology home.”

With an operating MRI at Erie Shores HealthCare, community members across Windsor and Essex County can count on more advanced, accessible, and accurate diagnostic care close to home. MRI will be a fundamental step in the reimagining of ESHC’s Diagnostic Imaging Suite.

Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance is a Kingsville-based organization dedicated to helping families in need. Funds that support their annual initiatives are raised from an annual Spring Bling event. In 2023, the event raised $90,000, of which the funds will support NCA’s $50,000, 5-year pledge to Erie Shores Health Foundation and their ongoing programs dedicated to providing essential resources to kids in need.

“Our goal in making this commitment with Erie Shores Health Foundation is ultimately to relieve pressure and instil peace of mind for families when a loved one needs care,” comments Kim Lewis, President, Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance. “We know that Erie Shores Health Foundation and Erie Shores HealthCare are committed to doing this.”

Pictured from left to right: Kim Lewis (President, NCA), Linda Jeffery (NCA), Jeff Lewis (Chair, ESHF), David Halliwill (NCA), Dr. Patrick Cervini (Chief of Radiology, ESHC), Kyle Schafer (Clinical Director Outpatient Services, ESHC), Matt Isaacs (NCA), Gloria Cavenago (NCA & Development Officer of Events, ESHF)
NCA not pictured: Shawn Chapman, Harold Konrad, Tony Gaffan, Kathryn Isaacs


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