ESHF launches “Care Happens Here” Campaign

January 11, 2020


The Ontario provincial government is not able to support the costs needed to enhance our Diagnostic Imaging Department and launch our new Health Information System. Cuts to Ontario’s hospitals disproportionately affect rural populations, which is why we ALL need to fight to restore rural healthcare. The 2.6 million Ontarians who live in small towns deserve more than longer drives to access a hospital.

This is why our Care Happens Here capital campaign has begun.
We need you on our side to support the biggest fundraising campaign in the hospital’s history; $15 Million for Erie Shores HealthCare.

To save lives, fight diseases and to provide preventative care. But we are also fighting against the limits of a 70-year-old hospital where parts of the building don’t meet modern building codes. Where our outdated spaces and technology can’t accommodate the quality of care our patients deserve. That’s where you come in.

Ensuring our local hospital is responsive, innovative and serves the needs of our patients is the responsibility of our entire community. Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has donated over $20 million to healthcare in Essex County. Annually, the Foundation funds the purchase of $1 million in medical equipment to the hospital, and $700,000 to Erie Shores Hospice in support of programs and services. Now the Foundation is also responsible for raising the community’s share of $15 million for the Care Happens Here capital campaign.

Once finished, our new Diagnostic Imaging Department and Health Information System will enhance and advance healthcare in The County. It will be the greatest change to our local healthcare system since the hospital’s inception. We deserve to have the best healthcare possible in our community and the time for redevelopment is now. The Care Happens Here capital campaign has begun and it is up to everyone to get involved.

To Learn More About How To Participate in the Care Happens Here Campaign Contact Doris Lapico 519-326-2373 x4660 or