Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 Supports Bringing MRI to ESHC with a $10,000 Donation

August 25, 2023

This past Wednesday, Erie Shores Health Foundation, Erie Shores HealthCare, and Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 came together to celebrate Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45’s $10,000 donation dedicated to MRI coming to ESHC!
Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 has supported Erie Shores Health Foundation for over 25 years and is an active supporter across our community. They recognize that coming together is the key to bring MRI technology home to advance care for everyone.
Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 members in photo include (in no specific order): Richard Stevenson, Carole Dibbley, Loren Girardin, Pat Girardin, Nancy Moody, Elaine Stevenson, Richard Stevenson and Evelyne Tofflemire. Peachland Rebekah Lodge #45 thanks Chances Gaming Lounge and Bistro for their support of their organizations and many others that derive funds through volunteering services at Chances.
Also joined in the photo is Penny Bellhouse, Executive Director of ESHF, Jeff Lewis, Chair of ESHF’s Board of Directors, Melissa Pontini, X-Ray Technologist, ESHC, Kyle Shafer, Director of Outpatient Services, ESHC, and Dr. Ala, Diagnostic Imaging, ESHC.