The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Increases Bed Capacity

February 9, 2023

On Thursday, February 9th, 2023, The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County announced that capacity across all Residences has been increased from 20 to 23 beds, adding 2 beds to the Hospice, Windsor Campus Residence and 1 bed to the Hospice, Erie Shores Campus Residence.

Overall, this expansion means enhanced palliative care and peace of mind for our community at large.

Erie Shores Health Foundation proudly funds operating costs of the Hospice, Erie Shores Campus Residence and Welcome Centre. For more information on what Erie Shores Health Foundation support, CLICK HERE.

-Information Below Taken From The Hospice of Windsor and Essex


The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County is proud to announce the addition of three new patient suites, increasing the total number of our Hospice beds to 23.

In November of 2022, the Ministry of Health notified Hospice that our organization was selected for 18 months of additional temporary funding under A Plan to Stay Open initiative, with a focus on health system stability and recovery. At that time, Hospice reviewed the Residences and available space, and shortly after, work began to repurpose existing spaces and create additional patient rooms at both the Windsor and Erie Shores Residences. In Windsor, two of the Family Rooms were transformed into patient suites, ensuring similar amenities as the existing rooms. In Erie Shores, one family room was updated in the same way.

“As a not-for-profit healthcare organization, the goal was to move quickly to meet patient needs, while remaining mindful of cost,” says Nancy Brockenshire, Hospice Executive Director. “These additional rooms will help us care for more patients and families in our community, while also supporting our healthcare system as a whole. By moving patients out of Emergency Departments and Hospitals, and into an environment that suits their healthcare needs, these beds will also play a small part in relieving pressures on our healthcare system.”

All of Hospice’s residential beds – the 20 existing beds, as well as these three new temporary ones – are only 50% funded through government support, with the remaining 50% funded through donations, and the generosity of the Windsor-Essex community. “We know the impact our Hospice has on those that would benefit from palliative support, and it is evident that the need is only increasing in our community,” says Brockenshire.

Although the funding for these beds is temporary, Brockenshire hopes that by demonstrating that these beds are consistently full and utilized, this funding could become permanent. “Upon opening these beds, they were filled immediately,” states Brockenshire. “By adding these rooms, it means our Hospice can provide memorable care to more than 120 additional local patients and families over the next 18 months, we would love for that to continue into the future.”